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I am an Assistant Professor of Gender and Diversity Studies at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I completed my PhD in Religious Studies with a concentration in Islam in America at the University of Iowa in 2017. I also hold M.A. degrees in Religious Studies from University of Iowa; Islam and the West from Queen Mary-University of London; and Bioethics from Case Western Reserve University.

I am an expert in contemporary Black Islam, African-American religious history, and material religion. Currently, I am writing a book, Fashioning Black Islam: Race, Gender, and Belonging in the Ummah, which provides history of Black Muslim fashion beginning in the 1930s. I argue that Black Muslim women have used their clothing to challenge both white supremacist beauty standards and Arab-centrism in American Islam.

I am the curator of the Black Islam Syllabus. I am also the PI for the Oral History and Ephemera Archive at the Center for the Study of Religion and the City at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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